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Why do you need to change engine oil?


This question might have come to your mind, Why do you need to change the engine oil regularly? Why do we need to spend money on engine oils regularly? Does engine oil really play an important part in your experience while driving?
If yes, then today all of your doubts about engine oils would be clear.


Is engine oil important for your car?

Definitely, engine oil is one of the most crucial substances you need to make your experience smooth while driving. Not changing engine oil can cause your car some major damages which you can avoid easily by using engine oils. If you ask any car enthusiast, expert, mechanic, long time car owner then they will tell you that engine oil is the soulmate for your car.
You need regular oil changes to avoid any permanent damage and make your car experience smooth and cost-saving.
Assuming that you have just got your license or don’t have the necessary knowledge about engine oils, Below we state why you need to change the engine oil regularly.

Why do you need to change engine oil regularly?

There are many factors to take into account to understand the need to change engine oils. Here are the listed reasons why you should change the engine oil regularly

Increases your Engine Performance:
There’s no other feeling like fresh oil giving your engine its peak-level performance like a new car. Engines have a great variety of moving parts that move at high velocity. These moving parts cause friction from rubbing each other, which produces extensive heat. Assuming you replace your oil regularly your car will have proper lubrication that decreases the amount of heat created by the engine. Oil changes additionally cleanse dirt and rust which makes your engine slow. If your engine contains old oil, It will eventually stop working and is gonna cost you a lot to get repaired.

Decreases Harmful Emissions:
Everyone loves the environment. It’s pretty simple to be eco-friendly if you change your oil regularly. Having slips in oil changes can prompt dirty, old oil, which produces poisonous engine emissions. Changing your oil regularly will help you to be more “green” because the old oil won’t burn like old oil. Add oil changes to your schedule and do your part to save our earth’s ozone layer intact.

Increases your cars Mileage:
Regularly changing engine oil will help you to make your car happy and the same goes for your wallet too! You will always get the best mileage when you regularly change the engine oil. Other than buying a hybrid or an electric car, oil changes are a simple method for saving money on gas. Because of the friction caused by old oil you need to take more rounds of pumps to get refilled. Assuming that your engine stayed lubricated, your car will actually want to go farther than you might imagine.

Decreases Maintenance Cost:
Oil changes present an extraordinary chance to keep your engine running without any issues. While you take your car to a mechanic for a regular oil change, you should ask him to check the full health of your car. This will help you to get an overall report of your car and save you a ton of money afterward and save your car from being damaged further.

Increases your Engine Life:
We all love a car that goes for years without any failure or disappointments, don’t you want to reach this goal too?
Everyone does, To reach that goal you the first step should be selecting the perfect engine oil. And what could be better than Eiffel lubricants?
Regular oil changes will make your life easier and can have an effect on the existence of your car. Who can say for sure? That family car might live through a greater number of years than you might suspect.


How to check engine oil level?/ When should you change engine oil?

Checking the engine oil levels is a lot easier than you might think. In just 5 easy steps you can check whether or not you need to change engine oil.

Step-1: Wait till Engine gets cool down.
You should never try to check the oil level when the engine is hot. Wait till the engine gets cool so that all oil from different pieces of the engine gathers in the lower oil container. This additionally helps the oil temperature to come down to a degree. However, don’t forget to check your car’s proprietor manual cautiously in such a manner as some car makers don’t propose checking the oil level when the engine is cold.

Step-2: Ensure all sides of your car are on the same level.
Ensure all sides of your car are on the same level to each other. Avoid any type of sloped or inclined surfaces to get the correct reading of oil engine oil.

Step-3: Take a yellow colour dipstick from your engine compartment
Open your car’s bonnet there should be a yellow dipstick cap which normally is in the middle of the engine compartment. Take out the dipstick and wipe it off with a perfect piece of fabric. Make sure there is no soil or dirt on the fabric as these are destructive to the internals of the engine.

Step-4: Now insert it back and take it out again
When you clean it off, insert the dipstick back in the compartment. Wait for 4-5 sec and take it out again. You can see there are marking which indicates the level of oil in your engine, the reading usually looks like L / H (Low or High) min/max (minimum or maximum)

Step-5: If engine oil is low, do a refill
After you check your engine oil level, if the oil level is low then just simply refill it and if the oil level is high you don’t need to refill engine oil.
Make sure you don’t spill any oil to other parts on the engine.

Changing engine oil regularly will help you in a long way to secure your car’s engine and save you money and Eiffel Lubricants is one of the most respectable brands in the Lubricants industry. Connect us to get best offers on all kinds of Lubricants products.

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