Transyn ATF AL4
Eiffel Transyn ATF AL4 is a high-performance automatic transmission oil, formulated with high quality fully synthetic base stocks and sophisticated additive system including high shear stable viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, providing smooth & controlled friction/wear characteristics, optimum low temperature fluidity, that meets or exceeds the stringent requirement specifications and provides protection in AL4 transmissions. Suitable for all automatic, semi-automatic transmissions or torque convertors in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, also used in applications like electronically controlled convertor clutches, 4HP20 and ZF 5HP19 gear boxes and transmissions where LT 71141 is recommended  

Optimized frictional properties that provide smooth fuel-efficient gear shifting during low temperature operation and help prevent transmission vibration.
Excellent shear stable viscosity index improvers resist easy break down under high shear conditions in transmissions, thus ensuring the oil film thickness to continue protecting the moving components.
Outstanding low temperature pumpability and circulation, to ensure excellent cold start performance.
Excellent oxidation & thermal stability prevents sludge formation, deposit build up & oil thickening.








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