Transyn ATF DX III
Eiffel Multi Transfluid ATF DXIII is an extra high performance automatic transmission oil, formulated with high quality hydro-treated base stocks, shear stable viscosity index improvers and advanced additive system including viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, and defoaments providing smooth and controlled friction/wear characteristics, to meet or exceed the requirements of Ford Mercon and General Motors for Dexron III specification. Suitable for passenger cars and commercial automatic transmissions, for use in applications like power steering systems, hydraulics and some manual transmissions where automatic transmission fluid is specified.

Optimum frictional characteristics due to the presence of friction modifiers helps in smooth and fuel efficient gear shifting and torque transfer.
High shear stable viscosity index improvers resist easy break down under high shear conditions in transmissions, thus ensuring the oil film thickness to continue protecting the moving components.
Good compatibility with various seal materials found in the transmission system.
Excellent low-temperature pumpability and circulation, to ensure good cold start performance.
Outstanding oxidation & thermal stability prevents acid formation, deposit build-up & oil thickening.
Outstanding wear protection due to the presence of EP additive helps in reducing wear and extending the life of transmission parts under all service conditions.


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