Transyn ATF CVTF
Eiffel Transyn CVTF is a high performance continuous variable transmission fluid, formulated with high quality fully synthetic base stocks and advanced additive technology to ensure consistent repeatable, smooth, step-less shifts under a broad range of driving conditions, temperatures and transmissions. It meets or exceeds the requirements of specifications for many Japanese, American & European designed vehicles and is also suitable in most OEMs CVTs with chain and push belt. It provides smoother, consistent all weather step-less shifting, and all-around lubrication protection of the transmission components to help extend transmission service life and provide a smooth driving experience. Suitable for refill of most pulley-based continuously variable transmissions in Japanese and Korean designed vehicles (except for CVTs that require gear oils and toroidal CVTs), where it emphasizes on Anti Shudder Durability performance.    

Optimized frictional properties that provides transmission efficiency and shifting performance.
Excellent compatibility with all common seal materials helping the control of oil leakage.
Good film-strength and anti-wear properties to reduce wear and maintain good transmission life.
Outstanding low temperature pumpability and circulation, to ensure excellent cold start performance.
Excellent oxidation & thermal stability prevents sludge formation, deposit build up & oil thickening.
Effective foam control properties provides consistent shifting performance and reduce fluid losses in severe service.



Suitable for use in CVTs equipped with either a torque converter clutch or a wet start clutch.
Suitable for CVTs equipped with both push-belt and pulleys elements.









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