Transyn ATF DX VI
Eiffel Transyn ATF Dexron VI is a high-performance automatic transmission oil, formulated with high-quality fully synthetic base stocks and a sophisticated additive system including high shear stable viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, and defoaments providing smooth and controlled friction/wear characteristics, that meet or exceed the stringent requirements of GM’s DEXRON-VI specification and provides protection for 2006 and newer GM vehicles. It also provides improved performance in older GM vehicles, wherever DEXRON is specified. Suitable for all automatic transmissions in passenger cars and commercial vehicles, also used in applications like power steering systems, hydraulics and some manual transmissions where automatic transmission fluid is specified.  
  • Optimized frictional properties that provide smooth fuel-efficient gear shifting during low-temperature
    operation and help prevent transmission vibration.
  • Excellent shear stable viscosity index improvers resist easy breakdown under high shear conditions in
    transmissions, thus ensuring the oil film thickness to continue protecting the moving components.
  • Outstanding low-temperature pumpability and circulation, to ensure excellent cold-start performance.
  • Excellent oxidation & thermal stability prevents sludge formation, deposit build-up & oil thickening.



Eiffel Transyn ATF Dexron VI meets or exceeds following International and Builder specifications:
• General Motors DEXRON-VI
• Ford Mercon LV
• Toyota T-WS (JWS 3324)
• Hyundai / Kia SP-IV
• Nissan Matic S
• ZF M-1375.4 (6HP)
• Honda ATF DW-1
• MB 236.12 & 236.14
• ZF TE-ML 09X and all 3 & 4 speed transmission
• Vickers M2950-S, I-286-S
• Volvo CE 97340
• CAT TO-2
• Hyundai NWS-9638
• Chrysler ATF+, +2, +3 (MS 7176E), +4 (MS 9602)
• Audi 5 HP LT71141 (ZF 5 HP 18FL/19FL/24A)
• Acura ATF-Z1
• Aisin Warner JWS 3309 (T-IV) & JWS 3324 (WS)
• Allison C-3 & C-4
• Porsche T-IV (JWS 3309)
• Mitsubishi Diaqueen SP-IV
• MB 236.1/236.9


  • Suitable for use in all old & new automatic transmissions of car & light trucks and On-highway & Offhighway heavy duty automatic transmissions.
  • Suitable for power steering and certain manual transmissions where this type of fluids (Dexron or
    Mercon fluids) are specified.

Typical Characteristics

Eiffel Transyn ATF Test Method Units Dexron VI
Color Visual Red
Density @ 15 0C ASTM D 4052 gm/cc 0.850
Viscosity @ 100 0C ASTM D 445 cSt 6.05
Viscosity @ 40 0C ASTM D 445 cSt 30.5
Viscosity Index ASTM D 2270 150
Pour Point ASTM D 97 °C -51
Flash Point (COC) ASTM D 92 °C 215
Brookfield Viscosity @-40°C ASTM D 2983 cP 12,000

The above figures are typical of blends with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification.


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