Eiffel Protect Grease OGL series are high performance semi-fluid greases, formulated with lithium based thickeners fortified with Graphite solid lubrication, high viscosity base oils and advanced additive system to provide excellent protection against wear, rusting and grease fling off. They are available in NLGI grades ranging from 00 to 1.5 with base oil viscosity of ISO VG 460. They are suitable for lubricating large, slow to medium speed, heavily loaded Industrial gears, including heavy-duty Marine applications where heavy loads and extreme unit pressures are present. The soft consistency and low temperature properties of OGL greases, makes it suitable to spray on applications operating under wide variety of conditions. These greases are free from lead, nitrite, chlorine and other solvents, hence reduces the impact on environment.

Highly adhesive grease structure – resists washout of grease in equipment and provides good lubrication even in presence of water.
Excellent Oxidation and Thermal stability – protects against deposit formation at high operating temperatures and oil thickening, thus maintains the life and performance of grease.
Outstanding load carrying capacity – reduces wear even under heavy or shock loading conditions by creating Elasto-hydrodynamic lubrication (EHL) film, for good equipment reliability and performance.
Excellent corrosion protection – protects bearing surfaces against rust & corrosion, even when the grease is contaminated with water.
Excellent pumpability & sprayability – provides good low temperature start-up & improves efficiency.

Eiffel Protect Grease OGL series are suitable for most types of Marine and Industrial applications.

Eiffel Protect Grease OGL 00 & 460 are suitable for lubricating large, slow to medium speed, heavily loaded gears operating under heavy-duty conditions, wire ropes, winches, high speed chains etc.,
Eiffel Protect Grease OGL 1.5 is suitable for lubricating slide rails, boom surfaces, chains and open gears during initial turning. Example: Ring gears in cement mill.

Typical Characteristics

Eiffel Protect Grease Test Method Units OGL 00 OGL 460 OGL 1.5
NLGI Grade ASTM D 217 00 0/1 1.5
Thickener Type Li-Graphite Li-Graphite Li-Graphite
Penetration, Worked @ 25 0C ASTM D 217 0.1mm 400-430 330-360 290-320
Viscosity @ 40 0C ASTM D 445 cSt 460 460 460
Dropping Point ASTM D 566 °C 190 190 190
4-Ball Wear, Scar ASTM D 2266 mm 0.5 0.5 0.5
4-Ball Weld Load ASTM D 2596 Kg 750 750 750

The above figures are typical of blends with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification.

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