Eiffel Elect Oil-U Class-I Un-inhibited Transformer oil is severely refined hydro-cracked / hydro-treated virgin un-inhibited Mineral insulating oils with highest degree of purity and stability. It is manufactured from judiciously selected blend of latest technology feed stocks, which is highly suitable for all grades of Power & distribution Transformers, Circuit Breakers, Oil filled switches and X-ray equipment.

• Low Pour point. • High dielectric strength. • Non corrosive as tested by all present methods, DIN & ASTM tests & New IEC 62535 method. • Low viscosity oils offering excellent and fast heat transfer. • Compatible with transformer construction material.

Eiffel Elect Oil-U Class-I Un-inhibited Transformer oil is highly suitable for all grades of
• Power Transformers, Distribution Transformers
• Circuit Breakers, Oil filled switches, X-ray equipment


Eiffel Elect Oil-U Class-I Un-inhibited Transformer oil meets or exceeds following International and Builder specifications:

  • IEC 60296:2003
  • ASTM D 3487 Type I

Typical Characteristics

Kinematic Viscosity, mm2/s(Max) ISO 3104
at 40 0C 12.0
at -30 0C 1800
Pour Point ISO 3016 < -40
Woter Content, Max mg/kg IEC 60814
a) Bulk 30
b) Drum 40
Break Down Voltage, Min IEC 60156
a) As Delivered (Kv) 30
b) After Treatment (Kv) 70
Density kg/dm3, @20 0c, Max ISO 3675 0.895
DDF at 90 0c, Max IEC 60247 0.005
Appearance Visuval Clear, odourless, liquid free from suspend impurities
Neutralization Value / Acidity, mg KOH/g, Max IEC 62021-1 / IEC 62021-2 0.01
Interfacial tension, mN/m, Min ISO 6295 40
Total sulphaur Content %, Max IP 373/ ISO 14596 No General Requirment
Corrosive sulphaur , Silver strip. 100°C, 18hrs DIN 51353 Non Corrosive
Cu strip & kraft Paper 150°C, 72hrs IEC 62535 Non Corrosive
Anti-Oxiddant Additives IEC 60666 Not detectable
2-Furfural content. mg/kg, Max IEC 61198 0.1
Oxidation Stability, 164 hrs IEC 61125
– Total acidity. mg KOH/g, Max 1.2
– Sludge, %, Max 0.8
– DDF @90°C, Max IEC 60247 0.5
Health, safty and environment (HSE)
Flash Point °C, PMCC , Min ISO 2719 135
Polycyclic Aromatics % mass, Max IP:346 3.00
Total PCB content mg/Kg IEC 61619 Not Detectable
Conforms to Standards
ICE 60296:2003(U) ok
ASTM D 3487 Type I ok

The above figures are typical of blends with normal production tolerance and do not constitute a specification.


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